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Quality is an attitude at GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. We standardise the “best quality” in every business we involved globally. Thus we aware that we are in the health sector which has the highest concern of quality, our quality assurance system immediately updates itself by following the latest innovations in global standards. This is the major testimony of “continuity of quality improvement” in our business. Thanks to the certificates which are in compliance with the EU and the World Standards, we gain our partners full confidence.

We always provide our clients all the records of transportation, packaging and storing process such as validation application of special boxes for cold chains, shipment process images, data loggers by updating the status.

You can see below followed global standards at GPC ; 


ISO 9001

Good Distribution Certified (GDP) 

Validation Certificates for Cold Storing Chain Boxes 

SGS Surveyor Reports During the shipments 

Customer Oriented Packing and Operational Procedures

Internatioanal Wholesaler License

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