About Us

About Us

GPC Union is a worldwide pharmaceutical supplier company cooperating with different high class manufacturers and brands for the entire global supply chain.

GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is the major corporate who experted on procurement of pharmaceutical and medical materials in global basis. Our story began with the passion of provison to supply every medicine to every part of the world for the people in need. In a short period of time, we became one of the primary supplier of the global pharmaceutical market accessing a solid customer portfolio inspiring by our motto “Trust is built with consistency”.

Health is a never ending sector with an extended demand of the globe. We as GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler intend to comply all needs of the patients who demands appropriate medicines in optimal time, affordable price level with a wide range of branded and generic medicines

Consequently having the responsibility of high quality service, GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler constantly performs the highest quality standards in international means. In this manner with the wide range of product source GPC Pharmaceutical wholesaler always targets to procure, store and deliver in GDP standards by following specific requirements of the client.



GPC Pharmaceutical Warehouse always aims to fulfill all the commitments as it promises for quality and reliability. By doing so, we always take into account the long and short term expectations of our partners. This is the sign of our partnership rather than a client-supplier model.

We undertake the basic supplier mission in the international pharmaceutical market with our strengths listed below;

- Effective procurement ability
- Well educated and experienced proffessional team
- Both institutional and flexible management system
- Fast and efficent logistic solutions/abilities with our proffessional team.

We will always a part of below service providers in global pharmaceutical market with our ever increasing eager to be the top supplier in the international pharmaceutical market;

- Clinical Trial Procurement
- Procurement of Human Relief Foundation
- Procurement of Orphan Drugs
- Medical Material Procurement
- Branded and Generic Pharmaceutical Procurement
- Parallel Trade



Our desire is to fulfill the pharmaceutical and medical material requirement of the World by accessing even to the far ends with reasonable prices, thanks to our global network. Furthermore GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is spreading its business with a client oriented model in special procedures of different geographic locations. By doing so we always target to be first preffered supplier of pharmaceutical and medical materials.

Accessing the all kind of pharmaceuticals and medical materials is a primary provision of corporate for GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler team. From A to Z, GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler team is ready to provide any kind of pharmaceutical brand to all the people relevant to the healthcare.

Consequently our founding purpose obviously; the procurement of wide ranged pharmaceutical and medical materials in fastest and cost effective way to the global healthcare participators.

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